Craft Beers, Aperitifs & Digestifs

We have an extensive selection of amazing craft beers; all brewed in London.


meantime pilsner/lager (4.4%abv)   2.3/4.5

meantime pale ale (4.3%abv)  2.3/4.5

meantime seasonal brew (4.3 – 4.5) 2.6/5

orchard pig cider: reveller (4.5%) 2.6/5


Beavertown: Gamma Ray APA (5.4% abv) 5

Beavertown beer brewed in Hackney

Kernel Brewery: Table Beer (4.8% abv) 4.8

Kernel Brewed in Bermondsey

Meantime: Raspberry Wheat beer (5% abv) 5

Meantime: Stout  500ml (4.5% abv) 5

Meantime beer brewed in Greenwich

Five Points Brewery: Railway Porter (4.8% abv) 4.8

Five Points Brewed in Hackney

Brewed By Numbers: 01/01 Saison – Citra (5.4% abv) 4.8

Brewed By Number brewed in Bermondsey

New beers by the bottle

Partisan: Saison (4% abv) 5.5

Pressure Drop: Pale Ale (5.1% abv) 5

Harviestoun: Schiehallion lager (4.8% abv) 4.8



We also have a fantastic range of classic aperitifs & digestives, in honour of long lunches past and future.

Campari (50ml) 4.0

Aperol (50ml) 4.0

Martini Bianco/Noilly Pratt (50 ml) 2.2

Punt E Mes (50ml) 3.5

Ricard (50ml) 3.9

Maestro Sierra Fino Sherry (70ml) 4.8


Somerset Cider Brandy 3 yr (35ml) 3.8

Somerset Cider Brandy 10 yr (35ml) 5.5

Calvados Morin Selection (35ml) 5.5

Bas Armagnac Sigognac VSOP (35ml) 5.0

Bas Armagnac Chateau Lacquy VSOP (35ml) 6.5

Hine Cognac VSOP (35ml) 4.5      

Cognac Maxime Trijol VSOP (35ml) 6.0      

Laphroaig Single Malt 10yr (35ml) 6.1

Highland Park Single Malt 12yr (35ml) 6.1

Talisker Single Malt 10yr (35ml) 6.6

Woodford Reserve Bourbon (35ml) 5.0

Vestel Kaszebe Vodka Vintage 2013 (35ml) 6.0      

Grappa Cividina Tosolini (35ml) 3.8

Miclo Poire William (35ml) 5.5

Fernet Branca (35ml) 4.2

Taylors Fine Tawny Port (70ml) 4.5

Taylors LBV Port 2007 (70ml) 5.8

Taylors 20yr Tawny Port (70ml) 6.5

Lustau East India Solera Sherry (70ml) 4.5

Harveys Pedro Ximinez Sherry (70ml) 6.5

Lustau Moscatel de Dhipiona  (125ml)  3.8

Cointreau (35ml) 4.2

Frangelico (35ml) 4.2

Amaretto di Saronno (35ml) 4.2

Sambuca Molinari (35ml) 3.6

Jagermeister (35ml) 4.0

Baileys (50ml) 3.6   

Monday-Friday £8 Lunch Special

Every weekday we feature a fantastic vegetarian and non vegetarian well balanced lunch meal for only £8 each. Midday to 4pm Mondays to Fridays.

Midweek Lunch Special

£8 dish of the day : vegetarian or omnivorous

A month of curries

Baby it’s cold outside!

Come in. Let us warm you up from the inside out.

In addition to our regular menus, we’re bringing you a month of curries, featuring a rolling rota of 2 curries  per day (one vegetarian and one meaty one), from different parts of the world, changing weekly. They’re available Monday to Friday lunchtimes on lunchtime special and Tuesday-Saturday evenings on our a la carte dinner menu, throughout February.

It’s like giving you a big cuddle.

The Hackney Pearl

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